Here’s another comic based on comic books/movies. 


Read an article about this issue recently, and while I’m not surprised it is disappointing. We live in a diverse country where particular people before did not have a voice and now do. And comic books have always been relevant to the times. So it makes sense that they would be more representative of the U.S. today. And if we’re honest, if one doesn’t like the change of a character, fans all know you just have to wait and eventually the character will return true to form. But if your argument is that new and other diverse characters are having too much time being represented and developed then I simply cannot agree. But I’m just one person and this is just one person’s opinion. I just wish this wasn’t an issue anymore. 

Here’s part 1 of 2 as an intro to a topic I read recently in an article. Brace yourself it’s about to get real! 

It’s Malik’s dog’s life, I’m just living in it 😁 Here’s another comic strip! 

Chris is having a moment. Clearly he doesn’t do well with strangers. 

Generally I avoid politics in Uncommon Ground because everyone has an opinion and hardly anyone has facts, myself included. But this sort of webcomic wouldn’t be real to itself if it didn’t touch on these topics. Why? Because all the ‘isms’ are now at the forefront of political and media dialogue. And this comic was created to encourage dialogue on these human issues. So here’s Uncommon Ground getting it’s feet wet as a semi political cartoon. 

A day in the life of a dog owner