So this happened to me a few weeks back. Word for word. I won’t get into the possible political contributing factors at work in a presumption such as this. But I do want to address the human dignity issue here because whatever your stance on the political climate, chances are if you’re reading this, you are human. And on some level or other we all desire to be treated with dignity.

For starters, I am a biracial person: of African and Puerto Rican descent. To some I look more “black” to others more “latino.” And still to others I look to be “Indian” or of “Middle Eastern” descent. I’ve heard it all. But in conversations like these, where both parties are from the United States but the one doesn’t believe it, something happens. The one person is drawing the line between themselves (and what they consider to be the normative appearance of an American) and the other person. In doing so, they are stating to the “other” that in their eyes, the “other” is nothing more than that “other.” This sets up or reinforces the balance of power and privilege that runs throughout U.S. culture. As a result the other person is left to defend their citizenship and right to exist at all in this country. Here’s where the privilege/power struggle occurs: The one who is bringing the presumption doesn’t have to defend their existence because according to them and U.S. culture at large, they fit the standard of what an American looks like, at least the minimum requirement. So no one will ever question their existence (or citizenship) because it’s “understood.” Anyone else who doesn’t meet the minimum requirement will always face the possibility of having to defend their right to exist where they are.

Bottom line: let’s just be mindful of how we interact with those around us. Don’t assume you know more about a person’s experience than they do. U.S. citizens come in all shades and believe it or not, cultures, languages and even accents. Be careful not to marginalize and make people feel inferior because they don’t look like you. People should be respected and treated with dignity. Get to know your neighbor, learn from each other. We can enrich each other’s lives if we could view differences as an asset rather than a deficit.

Malik is not about that hug life 😁

I couldn’t resist! It’s National Walking Day as if people need a reminder to get up and walk! But seriously, today was a beautiful day to go for a walk! 

It’s been awhile I know. But I still enjoy doing these! Chris is such a sponge! I mean if our leaders do or act a certain way then it’s okay for our children to do the same right? Lol 

Decided to add the mother superhero into the Uncommon Ground world! Will she able to keep up with the battles on the streets and at home? We’ll find out! 

Just a little something for all the mothers and women out there. Nothing says superhero like a mom!